Cory R. Malkoske

Cory R. Malkoske



Telephone:  (204) 233-8844 Ext. 24
Fax:             (204) 233-7793
Email:         [email protected]

QA’s first employee, Cory followed Dad and his grandfather (a broker in Whitemouth Manitoba) into the insurance industry and specifically claims as a summer job in 2000. At the time he was as student at the U of Manitoba, focusing his studies on Computer Science and Mathematics. That summer he handled general office duties. He met a lot of people from the insurance community and supporting businesses. He knew his studies fit well with an insurance related career. His curiosity for knowing how things work made the switch figuring out what has happened an easy one. A natural at building things gives him understanding what needs done to complete a repair. By back to college in September time he had decided to give adjusting a try. He reduced his college course load, enrolled in Institute courses, started work part time at QA and continued both areas of studies until graduation from the U of Manitoba in 2003. He has been a full time adjuster here ever since.

A natural at Property claims, he has focused his career in that area. As experience was gained, he took on ever increasing matters in both size and complexity. He is recognized as one of Manitoba’s leading property adjusters.

On the company’s 10th anniversary in 2010 he achieved partnership. He has taken a lead role in management and operations since leading to his taking on the managing partner role in 2013.

He recognizes the importance of understanding the varying needs of QA Adjusting Company’s broad range of clients. He has responsibility for consistency of team response to achieve the insurer’s requirements and the opportunity to favorably represent our clients when dealing with their policy holder clients in claim situations.

Licensed in both Manitoba and Ontario, he handles assignments over a large geographic territory.

Holding HAAG certification provides special knowledge in the area of roofing assessment.

The Level V license holder as proprietor of QA Adjusting Company acknowledges the leadership he brings to the QA team. He is especially proud of this and the wonderful people at QA that work with him.