R.A. (Bob) Clement

Bob_Clement21 (Large) Partner/Adjuster


Telephone:  (204) 233-8844 Ext. 43
Fax:             (204) 233-7793
Email:         [email protected]

Bob’s work career started with family. Dad had a farm, Springfield Hog Ranch, which was a 2000 head swine operation which he sold in 1974 and Dad then started a painting business.   This business involved all family members spending nights and weekends helping with the work. While Bob really enjoyed the work and family time, by the mid 1970’s he was exploring opportunity for himself when he connected with a St. Boniface insurance broker and started a job there, his first in the insurance business. He missed being out and about so when approached by a national insurer the year following he made the switch to adjusting. That insurer was looking for a bi-lingual adjuster with an agriculture background. Bob was the perfect fit. He had fallen into an occupation that fit him like a glove.

He has been in claims since, with both insurer and IA offices. That led to contact and friendship with Russ Malkoske and, eventually, Bob joining him at CM Adjusters in 1993. Both Bob and Russ transitioned to UAB when it acquired CM. As that firm evolved Bob stayed on with CGI but eventually chose to explore opportunity with another IA before re-connecting with Russ at QA Adjusting Company in 2010.

Bob’s focus has been on property claims but he has been successful at developing opportunity in some highly specialist niche markets, ranging from recreational off road vehicles, to pleasure marine craft, to professional musicians. Always looking for ways to expedite claims, Bob has originated some unique and very efficient ways in which to respond to our clients’ and their customers’ claims needs.

In addition his fluency in French gives him special service ability in the francophone community and with Quebec based clients. He has also been a CAT team member, out of province, when the need arose.

His forty years in the claims business have resulted in proven adjusting skills , especially in the areas of property ( commercial and residential ), agriculture and off road vehicles.

Bob became a partner in QA in 2013.

Bob holds an adjusters licence in both Manitoba and Ontario. With a seasonal residence near Kenora, clients provide significant opportunity for the handling of claims other then automobile in Ontario’s Sunset Country.

The QA team appreciates Bob’s adjusting skill, his ability to handle large property claims and substantial volume when catastrophe necessitates.

Enjoying opportunity as partner, adjuster and mentor, Bob is an important part of the QA team.